Lessons From Oktoberfisch

This year I had a free weekend that coincided with Oktoberfisch, an event I have wanted to attend for several years.

For those uninitiated, Oktoberfisch is a fly fishing celebration held annually in Junction Texas, hosted by the Fredericksburg Fly Fishers.


Being a first time attendee, I offer you  my top 10 lessons learned.

(1) Don’t load kayaks on your truck while wearing flip flops. Big toes and running boards do not like one another. Don’t ask how I know this, just trust me.


(2) Don’t catch the last kayak shuttle of the day and try to do a 4 mile float if you also want to fish.


(3)  Bring a spare rod. Yes, breakage happens

(4) Bring more than 1 Llanolope fly

Jim Gray and Jeff Hoelter. Hook – Gamakatsu B10S size 6 to 2. Thread – UTC Tan 140. Head – foam cylinder 5/16 – 7/16. Eyes – craft store doll eyes. Body – natural trimmed antelope hair. Tail – stacked natural deer hair.

(5) Gym fit is not the same as river fit

(6) Aleve is your friend (see #5)

(7) Your kayak can float faster than you can run in the shallow riffles (see #5 and #6)


(7) Bring cash to tip your shuttle driver generously – she is worth it at the end of a long paddle

(8) Junction is a modern day Mayberry. The locals we met were exceedingly friendly salt of the earth types.

(9) Eat at Lums BBQ

(10) The Fredericksburg Fly Fishers have a really good thing going here.. I definitely plan to return



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  1. Good times, with great people, on a beautiful river.

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