In a barter based economy, one trades a good or service of value to someone for a good or service of reasonably similar value. Both parties thus obtain what they want of need.

A dozen eggs in exchange for a home cooked meal, carpentry work for electrical work; a basket of bread for a quart of honey.

But some barters are borne of a different economy. An economy in which items of ruin are traded for items of treasure. This is the economy of God.

Blessings for curses. Joy for mourning. Forgiveness for trespass. Robes for rags. Life for death. Finding your life by giving it away

In the bloom of the Fireweed, beauty springs forth where raging fire and destruction once reigned. After the fury, from a root or seed long dormant it’s blooms erupt against a charred backdrop in defiance of the consuming fire.


The hope born of a flower, fragile as it may seem, strengthens our resolve to move forward when all seems dark and lost. A promise of beauty for ashes.

Weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

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