Before the Flood

With flooding rains predicted for Sunday-Monday this week, I decided to explore a new stretch of local water Saturday. As fate would have it, rain began as I drove to my destination, forcing me to take shelter at  Living Waters Fly Fishing. Guide and guest speaker Marcus Rodriguez was finishing up his presentation on the Devil’s River, so I listened in and then chatted for a while waiting to see if the rain would let up.

The rain seemed indecisive, so I headed down the road to stretch my wading legs, and hopefully my line.

All the moisture we have received recently makes it easy to forget the terrible drought we just endured. Nature’s resilience is astounding…


Ladybird would be proud…


The water was cool and clear here…





I wonder how many floods these rock walls have hemmed in?


Lots of insect life was evident in stream-side spider webs


Some colorful locals were out shopping for groceries



A few neighborhood  bullies were itching to fight, and I obliged them.

IMGP0632 (2)

So today the rains have come. The stream will be unfishable for some time with predictions of as much as seven inches of rain locally.

Like an old friend weathered by life’s storms, the creek may look  a bit battered and worn after the flood,  but it’s character will remain. And I will return.

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