The words came in the pre-dawn, when the neighborhood still slumbered. I was walking our lab Tara, who likes the mornings a bit earlier than I do. But the walks provide me with a half hour of quiet time – time to think and pray.

Two days in a row I heard it. Not audibly, but in my heart. “Come away with me”. It was not a command, or a suggestion. It was a small quiet voice of invitation, tinged with the promise of intimacy.

But what did the voice mean? Where was I to go and with whom? When and for what purpose? These questions I asked, and I await the answer still. But it has awakened a desire, a soul-thirst that cannot be slaked by commerce or “success”, however one defines it. Much of life has been monochrome of late – joys and creativity that once flowed easily through my mind now are viscous and sluggish like old motor oil.

Perhaps adventure is needed. Perhaps wilderness, discomfort and inconvenience. Perhaps a pilgrimage.

My soul longs for something more than trimmed lawns, streetlights, cubicles and 401Ks. Sustenance that feeds more than my body or a bank account. I have more questions than answers. I know a direction, but not a destination – “away”.


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