Experience Needed

When looking for help, most of time we want someone with experience.

Did you ever meet someone who needed a serious medical operation, who asked for a surgeon right out of medical school?

Or maybe you want to buy a new house. How about using a builder who just built his first one?

How about auto problems? Do you want a newbie working on your brakes?

Those who are married, have you ever been tempted to take advice on your relationship from someone who has never been married or in a serious relationship?

Exactly. We don’t mind an inexperienced bagger at the grocery store, or a new shoe salesman, because those things aren’t  weighty. When it matters, we want someone who can empathize with us, someone who has walked in our shoes.

That’s why we have Christmas. God could have chosen a different way to reach us. But a God that is spirit cant be touched or seen or felt. So he sent someone who could.

He sent a person who got tired, hungry and cold. He had aches and pains. Body odor. Bad breath.

He endured losing a father, and watched his mother do the best she could, in a culture that had very few options for widows to earn an income. He likely worked to support her from a young age.

He endured being the only male child of his age from Bethlehem, because the king killed the others in a mad attempt to secure his family legacy.

The Bible calls him a man suffering, familiar with pain. Rejected and despised by his own people. His own family even thought him insane. He was tempted to take shortcuts to achieve his goals in life.

So this – this is how God planned to bring the people of this world back to himself. By sending a baby born to poor peasants under the conquering heel of the army of Rome. In a dirty smelly stable for animals.

Not a conquering king with lineage and legions, but a carpenter with rough hands and sweat in his eyes.

The war he was sent to wage was not for a throne nor for glory. It was a war to win your heart. You are the prize. And for something like that…something weighty, you need a man with experience. Tonight we remember and celebrate – the right man was sent for the job.

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