A Little Deeper

The past several weeks my Monday meanders were invested in discovering local skinny water, or rediscovering water from which I have long been absent. This week with the advent of summer I wanted a change of pace.

While I prefer wade fishing, sometimes getting fish means going a little deeper;  which requires some form of floatation. Float tubes, pontoons and kayaks are in my bull pen. Last night the kayak got the call.

Fishing from a kayak presents unique challenges.  One must maintain the position of the craft, manage  flyline during casting, wrangle other accoutrements, and hopefully battle  the occasional fish.

There is a small lake five minutes from my driveway. Even in the depths of our drought it has plenty of fishable water. So it was there that I launched for a few precious hours after work. My only companions this evening were 2 other paddlers. As evening drew on, even these departed, allowing me the facade of solitude.

Winds calmed; water became as glass.

At Day's End

At Day’s End


But there is always that neighborhood kid who likes breaking glass…



IMGP0153 (2) IMGP0154


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  1. Absolutely love some top water action. And a glass smooth lake literally explodes when bass like those hit!

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