One of the joys of fishing is that it can be enjoyed with friends, or alone.
Fishing with friends means companionship, a measure of safety, and more than my own flyboxes to pick from. Sharing costs, coolers, and cameras. We can try different flies or techniques to cover more water to quickly find the pattern the fish are on.

Solitude offers a different pallet of color with which to draw from. Conversation is replaced with internal dialog. You are liberated from compromising to accommodate others. You are the arbiter of your piscatorial options. Upstream or down? Dries or streamers?  Walk further or fish here? One more cast or two?

Your decisions have but one roost to come home to. Sometimes you are the victor, sometimes the victim.

And sometimes a mixture of both.

The signs seemed to point to a one fish outing…and one was enough.

IMGP0143 (2)

One fireplace



One Path


One Fly, One Fish

IMGP0149 (2)

One Bird Strike

IMGP0149 (3)

One Eye

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  1. Jim Clarke

    And there’s only One Way!

    Jim Clarke

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