Love the One You’re With

My local creek may not be Ms. Right, but it sometimes is Ms. Right Now.

My preference would be to have stellar water like the San Marcos or Llano rivers ten minutes from my front door. However, I live in the Austin suburban sprawl, and the closest of those rivers is at least a 45 minute drive away.
Rain had the creek blown out late last week. It’s difficult to complain about any rain we get in this insufferable drought. The creek needed a good flush, but it made the itch to fish harder to scratch. Flows returned to normal this week, clearing the way for a post work trip.

This small suburban stream holds some surprisingly large bass and carp. The sunfish are respectable, and feisty. The fish can be very spooky in the skinny water and rare is the angler who regularly catches bass over a pound in the flowing sections of the creek. There are a couple impoundments on the creek where I have caught bass in the 3 pound range, and have heard reliable reports of some pushing 6 pounds.


Tonight’s expedition was not a quest for big fish – just willing ones. So 10 minutes from my driveway, I was knee deep in clear cool water, flinging small foam spiders and elk hair caddis, catching fish after fish, most of which put a healthy bend in my 3 wt.IMG_1333

It was just the right amount of stress relief for a Monday. Minimal gear, no competition from other anglers, and aggressive strikes on dry flies.IMG_1331

Like the song says – if you cant be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Yeah – it was the 70’s. I am pretty sure they were talking about streams.


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