Burnt Ends (or God is Great, Sweet Tea is Good, People Are Crazy)

Last week I drove south from Austin to San Marcos to meet with biologists at Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Inland Fisheries to talk about potential restoration projects for the Guadalupe River.

Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited  enjoys a strong working relationship with TPWD, our most recent collaboration resulting in adding about 3 more river miles of trophy trout regulation zone to the upper section of the Guadalupe tailrace.

As our meeting concluded,  hunger pangs reminded me that it was time to find something for lunch.

My daughter graduated from Texas State in San Marcos, so I sent her a text asking for her recommendation for a good BBQ joint. She provided me the name of Hays County BBQ, only a couple miles from my meeting location.


I arrived around 12:30. The counter was empty, but the dining area was full.

This being a new spot for me, I wanted to try several of their offerings. I ordered a quarter pound each of brisket, pork ribs, and pork chop (ok that one was half a pound). The meat cutter asked me if I liked the burnt ends on the brisket -a sign that I was going to love this place. The second sign was when he  chased me down while I was pouring myself a sweet tea with two more samples: half a link each of their spicy sausage and jalapeno cheese sausage, on the house. Suffice it to say I was a happy camper.

Hays Co BBQ 03

Photo Credit – Full Customer Gospel BBQ http://fcg-bbq.blogspot.com

As I scanned the dining area, no open tables could be seen. An older gentleman wearing a Naval Aviator cap caught my eye, waved me over and offered to share his table with me.

We fell into an easy conversation about BBQ, hometowns, military (we both served), business and friendly politics. His company and the BBQ were both exceptional. As Mickey and I finished our meals and parted ways, I couldn’t help but think  this song.

I doubt I will be getting the fortune, but I hope to run into him again. If you happen get to Hay County BBQ  before I do and see a gentleman with a Naval Aviator cap sitting alone, do yourself a favor and say hello.

And save me a seat.

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