Simms Pack Giveaway Winner Is….

Sam Johnson!

Sam was entered thrice for commenting on my original post(1), liking the No Clear Line FB page (2), and following @LabratGRTU on Twitter.

Sam, may the odds ever be in your favor.  I can meet you at Living Waters Fly Fishing to get your pack to you. Email me at to arrange a day/time.

I had a suggestion to give away the fly I caught my 10.1lb largemouth bass with, which seems like a stellar idea. So stay tuned for that giveaway in the next month or so.


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2 Responses to Simms Pack Giveaway Winner Is….

  1. 10 lb. Largemouth! , wow I just caught a 7.5 lb 2 weeks ago and thought that was a monster.

  2. sam johnsong

    Whooop whoop! Ill shoot you an email. Thanks a lot man this is awesome

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