Sharin’ the Love – Swag Giveaway Contest

Recently I participated in a blog contest sponsored by Trout Unlimited and The Outdoor Bloggers Network. The grand prize winners (there were two) won a trip to the Tongass National  Forest in Alaska. See my entry here

I won’t lie – I really REALLY wanted to win this trip, but it wasn’t in the cards this time. I did enjoy participating, and took away some winnings in other ways.

I learned about the Tongass, which honestly I had never even heard of. I picked up a bunch of new blogs to follow from gifted writers who share similar passions to my own. I also won a little bit of swag, which I am  planning to pay forward.

Recently I moved my blog to WordPress, and like most bloggers, I want to look at my blog stats and see that people are reading my posts. So to help get the word out on my recent move, I am going to hold a little contest and give away my Tongass swag.

Blog Swag

Included in this giveaway is a Fishpond Microtrash container, a Fishpond aluminum clipper, a spool of Rio 3X Power flex tippet, and a few stickers thrown in because you can never have enough stickers.

To be entered in the drawing, just add a comment to this entry. Next Saturday I will draw the entered names from a hat, and announce the winner.

I know – these are huge prizes, so please control yourselves. No ballot stuffing please. Then again, it will help my blog stats, so….




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12 Responses to Sharin’ the Love – Swag Giveaway Contest

  1. I’ll play along! I like the new layout, I’ve had my site on WordPress for awhile now and really like all the options they have. Keep up the good work!


      Thx Shawn – yeah the choices are unending on the visual front for WordPress – almost overwhelming at times. I definitely like the format a lot better than my old BLogspot engine.

  2. Nate

    I agree, the trip would have been nice; but free swag is just as nice (in it’s own right). You’ll be happy to know, I’m taking Caleb on his first trip to the coastal area to fish in a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to it, and teaching my little man how to fish. 🙂
    Hope you are well my friend!

  3. I’ll play! And I’ll RT the link, too. Extra karma & such!

    The new look is pretty swell, too!

  4. Dean

    Swag is always good! Especially fishpond nippers.
    Just found your blog through twitter.

  5. Jeff Reece

    Did someone say swag?

    Enjoying the blog and love the new look.

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