Playin Hooky

Gentle readers, today’s post will not be of much literary value, nor will it delve deeply into memories of yesteryear. No friends, today, I have a basic fishing report. Now, before you stop reading consider that my Fortune 500 company had to do without me today while I was doing research for this piece. It was a sacrifice I had to make.

Which of course is to say I played hooky.
Actually I took a vacation day, so technically it wasn’t hooky, but it was so much fun it felt like I was breaking several taboos.

I fished with a friend, who is also a fishing guide. As everyone knows, a professional guide’s word cannot be impugned, as they are not given to exaggeration under any circumstance. Ahem…

We spent only half a day fishing, as my friend has a fly shop to attend to. He had someone covering the shop until noon, so we were on the water by just after 8:00. The morning was cloudy with a little breeze, which was perfect weather for our expedition.

Here is a sample of where we were…

In the four hours on the unnamed spot, I landed in excess of 40 fish, and probably missed a good 15 more.

The largest fish of the day was a black bass that easily weighed 5 pounds…but she was the one that got away, right at our feet after 2 huge tailwalking jumps.

But I know where she lives…and I will return for another dance…

(no, this isn’t it the spot) 😉

Tight Lines….


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6 Responses to Playin Hooky

  1. I was wondering where you were today when I got the Out of Office note. Glad to see that your vacation day was productive!

  2. 40 FISH!!!
    Forget the Blue Plate Special. We’re comin’ over for a fish fry!
    Congrats on a wonderful day of fishing!

  3. Pinky, LOL, you slay me!

  4. I only pray that I can have near that success when I go fishin’ next weekend down at the coast for my quota of red drum, spanish mackerel, and that big bull Red that’s been eluding me for years. Nate caught my bull red on my birthday…I was robbed! *sob*

  5. It’s your time Drew…take it from the fish whisperer…;-)

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