Mountain Dude

Well gentle reader, the time has come to push back from the old computer for a week and head north to the headwaters of the Rio Grande in Colorado.

My family and a group of blood brothers are heading up with me for our annual fly-fishing/camping/rafting/hiking/communing with creation trip to the magical town of Creede.

Hopefully I will have some wonderful experiences and photos to share when we return. Until then, here are a few pics from previous years.

Tight Lines….


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5 Responses to Mountain Dude

  1. I’m jealous – Colorado is my favorite place to be. I’ll be in Cancun next week, so I can’t complain – especially after 10 days in Hawaii last month!

  2. I am very, very jealous.
    However, my hubby just spent a weekend at his buddy’s lakehouse, so I’m due for a bed and breakfast weekend all by my lonesome.
    Not exactly Cancun or Hawaii like Sara ;-), but I’ll take what I can get.

    Hope you had a refreshing and peaceful time, Mark!

  3. Sara – yeah, you CERTAINLY can’t complain! 😉

    Pinky, hope your weekend was restful.

    MM – we just got back last night…under protest. It was wonderful. Now we have to go through about a thousand pics…no worries, I won’t post them all…;-)

  4. Hello…time for the NEW Colorado pictures to make me envious!

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