Because They Fit

“Why do you always wear a hat?” ” ‘Cause it fits my head.” (Robert Redford, in “The Horse Whisperer”)

During a recent visit with my parents, mom commented about how I have always loved hats… to the point of having to wear one when I took a bath as a young sprout.

Tammy was visibly relieved I had outgrown that trait (the hat in the bath, not the bath).

My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush
If the immortal words of sage Bobby Boucher are valid, then perhaps the inverse is true. Perhaps I am so happy because I have all these hats and only one head.

I didn’t start out to own all these chapeaus. But over time…well it just happened.

My latest purchase is a practical one, intended to keep me cool and protected from the sun on my regular fly fishing forays. Tammy says it looks dashing…perfect for the country gentleman and outdoor writer wanna be. Behold the Tilley Endurable TM10…

So, gentle reader, throw off the bonds of boring life, go get yourself a Resistol, Stetson, or Tilley and two-step away your blahs. You can thank me later.

Tight Lines….


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9 Responses to Because They Fit

  1. Dashing, indeed! 🙂

    Me thinks a hat is in order for this upcoming vacation I’ve got planned.

    I’ll let you know what I come up with! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Grace, of course, will bring her little straw cowboy hat along.

  2. See, I’m like that with wine. Why do you drink it? Because it is there.

  3. I believe my exact word was “dapper”. You definitely dashing though my dear!

    I’ll be bringing my lovely hat to our (as Mark calls it) “Girls gone mild” weekend. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  4. DOH! You’re right, it was dapper. Dang…I need to hit the Ginko I guess 😉

  5. I always wear a straw hat or a old-timey bonnet when I go outdoors.
    I love old hats from the 40’s and 50’s and wish I had some to wear to church. Maybe I’ll look for a few.

    I like the one you got there, Mark!

  6. Pinky, there are some funk retro shops in Austin that might fill your hattery needs…Steph probably knows a couple…

  7. Looks less country and more Indiana Jones there, buddy…enough so that I might actually wear one. I kind of wish I had a hat like that this past weekend while I was fishing. The ballcap didn’t quite do it for me and now I’m really a redneck.

  8. Yeah, Tilley makes awesome functional lids. This one has a mesh top for hot Texas fishing trips. This one has a bit of a fedora look, just a bit larger brim. Very comfy.

  9. Pinky- next time you’re in A-town we’ll go to Dakota’s on 6th. I’ve been in there a couple of times. It’s WAY Austin-y and WAY vintage. And WAY fun. 🙂

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