Welcome, gentle reader to my new blog. I hope to be able to challenge, entertain, soothe and cajole you as I share my views and experiences.

Having been inspired by writers all my life, I have secretly harbored a desire to be one of those who fashions hieroglyphs into emotion, and thoughts into shared experiences. This blog will be an attempt to spread those literary wings.

The title of my blog is an excerpt from a favorite author Norman Maclean, who famously wrote his first novel in his 70’s, “A River Runs Through It.” Norman, like me, was a minister’s son, and a fly fisherman. Unlike me, his first writing endeavor became a masterpiece.

“No Clear Line” has several potential meanings. It is intended to convey the lack of answers I sometimes have in struggles I am facing. It also indicates the lack of silos in my life…each area flows into the other. Perhaps you will find it an apt description of my writing style, as I tend to dangle participles, thus creating unclear lines ;-). Or perhaps it is as simple as a description of my evolution from fishing with clear monofilament lines to pastel – colored fly lines.

I invite you to journey with me though this mystery of life, love, friendship, faith, and nature. I hope you patiently allow my musings and drivel.


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10 Responses to Genesis

  1. The finest example of high tech red neck I’ve ever seen!

  2. I love it already. 🙂 I’m so glad you decided to do this!

    Oh, and that pic of you in those knee-britches. Dead sexy, indeed!

  3. You really shouldn’t dangle your participle in public – that’s frowned upon in many social circles (although not apparently any that deal with fly fishing). Just a friendly warning so’s that you don’t get you and your participle slapped with an indecent exposure charge (well, any more than you already have).

    Welcome to the blogroll, ya old coot.

  4. LOL…I love you guys too. Even those who know about nekkid fly fishing…

  5. This is going to be quite exciting. I can’t wait for more…well, I guess I’ll have to.

    Love ya,

  6. Awww shucks hun…;-)

  7. A kindred spirit…I can already tell.

  8. Thanks Pinky, Tammy and I love your blog…especially the pics. We are quite envious of your creative types with cameras…

  9. Hey good ol’ buddy ol’ pal. Looking forward to your words of wisdom and whatever else you may feel like feeding us. Ha, let the good times begin.

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